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Dear Winner, 
Am very excited to share a Golden lifestyle with you. Kindly read to the end, you'll find a treasure that will transform your life forever.
I discovered a very unique,solid and doable system that can pay more than $50 million in monthly bonuses. Am very excited about it and more than 70% of network marketing leaders all over Africa are excited too. I can't keep this excitement to myself alone but share with you cos I love you and I want us to win together. There is therefore no doubt that we can all make our first million dollars  through following the system.
This system is called the 4F25 which means find 4 friends to consume 25 points monthly.
The system pays you in 10 profitable ways????????

1. *Retail Profits*

You earn *40%* as retail profits from the sale of all NIWI products if you choose to sell them. 

2. Referral bonus 20%to 30%

 NB:Whenever you sign up a downline direct under yourself, you're paid 20% to 30% . This is paid again and again when down line upgrades.

3.Sponsorship Royalty bonus 2.5% to 7th level. 

NB: After earning 20% to 30% referral bonus from your direct sign ups, you're  paid again 2.5% of all sign ups from your indirect down line's down lines that's your 2nd level to their 7th level. This is paid repeatedly whenever they upgrades. You can make as much as $262,000 from this bonus alone but more in case they upgrades, so amazing????

4. Binary team bonus*

We earn *20% to 30% on your binary or pay leg to infinity. No flushing out of unpaired points. After you're paid on your paired points, the difference is maintained, carried foward for another pair. All already paired points adds up for your ranking. No point is wasted in NIWI????‍?. So nice??

*NB:* The Binary and the Referal bonuses are paid WEEKLY

5. Match up bonus 5% or check match bonus. This  5% of your direct down line binary or team bonus to the 8th level So any binary bonus your direct down lines and their down lines up to 8th level earns, you earn 5%. Fantastic????

6. *Unilevel Bonus*

NB:You earn *7%* unilevel consistently on all purchases of products of the 25 pv of your general team as monthly loyalty purchase up to 12 levels deep. This is the biggest bonus in NIWI. I like this part because even if sign ups stops, this bonus continues paying you as long as products are bought from the company with dynamic compression.

 *NB:* NIWI monthly autoship is *25 PV* for all ranks.

*NB:* You can make as much as *$39,000000* in this unilevel alone within 12 months or 12th generation ????

 7. *Generational Team builders bonus

NB:NIWI pays 5% on the unilevel income of your direct and indirect downlines up to 8 levels deep with dynamic compression that's roll down to the next available active down line 

Imagine your direct down line earns *$1million* in the unilevel. You will earn *5%* which is $50,000. Your 2nd direct earns  $100,000 you earn 5% again that's $5000. The direct down line's down lines which is your 2nd level earns $1.5million, you earn 5% again that's $75,000 and get this up to the 8th level. The only reason why you earn this bonus is because your down line earned a Unilevel bonus. This continues as long as your your down lines upto 8th levels earns Unilevel Whether they by pass you or not you earn it. Chai! Too good????

8. Star maker bonus $360-$2880

NB:When your direct 2 down lines help their own first 2 down lines, you get free products worth $360 to $2880 depending on the package they join with. 

9. Rank advance bonus $1000 to $500,000.
NB:When you hit any rank in  NIWI from NIWI PRO you earn a one time substantial amount  $1000.00- $500,000. 
NIWI ELITE:    $1000
SNR ELITE:     $3000
NIWI PRO:       $6,000
SNR PRO :       $10,000
NIWI MASTER : $15,000
SNR MASTER:  $20,000
NIWI CHAMP: $30,000
SNR CHAMP:  $50,000 GRND CHAMP:$100,000

10. Global fund share 1 to 8%. 

NB:2.5% of Total amount made in binary in the system and 5% of the total PV made by the company globally is put in a fund, 80% of that is shared to all qualified people from Pro to Grand Champion. The Remaining 20% will be given to top achievers that performed extremely each month or be  used as incentives. Super amazing????